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Surgical Gum Treatment Options

gum treatment optionsDepending on how advanced a person’s gum disease is when they seek out a dentist for help, they may find their options are limited to one of several forms of surgical gum treatment. Among the various surgical gum disease treatment available are:

Pocket Reduction/Flap Surgery for Gum Treatment

This type of procedure involves Dr. Alsouss lifting the patient’s gums back so that he can remove the tartar buildup. If there is any damaged bone, the surface may need to be smoothed out to reduce the number of areas at risk of bacteria buildup. The gums are then put back in place in such a manner as to ensure they fit around the tooth snugly. In doing this, Dr. Alsouss is able to reduce the amount of space between the tooth and gum where bacteria can grow and cause further periodontal disease.

Bone Grafts

During this process, Dr. Alsouss will use tiny pieces of the patient’s own bone, donated bone, or even synthetic bone to replace any of the patients own bone that has been damaged as a result of their gum disease. These grafts are intended to be the jumping off point for the regrowth of new bone that will help to restore the stability of the patient’s teeth.

Soft Tissue Grafts for Gum Treatment

When a patient comes in with thin gum tissue or there are places where the patient’s gums have receded significantly, Dr. Alsouss can use soft tissue grafts taken from the roof of the patient’s mouth to repair the damaged areas. This tissue is stitched into place, adding an extra layer of tissue to the damaged area, providing a long term repair.

The Guided Tissue Regeneration Process

When the bone supporting the patient’s teeth has been destroyed, Dr. Alsouss can use this process to stimulate the growth of both gum tissue and bone, most commonly at the same time as flap/pocket surgery. In this process, a tiny piece of mesh-like material will be inserted between the gum tissue and bone to keep the tissue at bay while the bone and connective tissues have a chance to regrow properly.

Find More Out About Gum Treatment by Dr. Alsouss

If you are interested in finding out which type of gum treatment will be the best way to treat your gum disease, we invite you to contact us at (216) 351-5500. We can schedule you for an initial consultation where Dr. Alsouss can evaluate the condition of your gums and teeth before recommending the best course of treatment.

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