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Natural White Bonding Dental Fillings

dental fillingsFor many years most dental fillings have been made from amalgam, which is a metal material that looks anything but natural or veneers that simply cost too much for many patients. However, Dr. Alsouss and his staff find that many of their patients prefer bonding to repair damaged, cracked, decayed, or stained teeth. Bonding makes use of a composite resin that is made to match the color of the patient’s teeth, will provide long lasting results, and unlike amalgam, does not contain any metals such as mercury.

All in A Single Visit

The average amalgam dental filling can be completed in a single visit as long as the damaged area of the tooth is not excessive. This has made amalgam dental fillings the choice of both dentists and their patients for decades. In recent years there has been a fair amount of negative press surrounding the use of amalgam that contains mercury as a way to repair damaged and decayed teeth as the mercury used is highly toxic and can leach into the person’s bloodstream over the course of time.

Bonding, on the other hand, makes use of a specialized composite resin that contains not toxic materials and has been proven to last as long, if not longer, than traditional dental fillings. The process of bonding begins with Dr. Alsouss removing any decayed areas of the tooth and cleaning up any damaged areas. He will then use a special liquid or gel to etch the tooth so that it will more easily accept and hold onto the bonding agent.

Once the bonding agent is applied, a composite resin is applied to the damaged area of the tooth and allowed to cure. The final step is for Dr. Alsouss to trim the resin into shape so that it matches the rest of your teeth and then polish it to give a perfectly natural looking tooth that can be almost impossible to detect.

Learn More About Bonding and Dental Fillings

The best way for you to learn more about bonding dental fillings is to schedule an initial appointment with Dr. Alsouss. During this visit, he will fully evaluate your needs, go over your options, and explain the entire bonding process in detail. Contact us at (216) 351-5500 and schedule your appointment today!

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